A Beginner’s Guide of USDD Supply & Borrow on JustLend

JUST Foundation
4 min readMay 12, 2022


1. USDD Now On JustLend

JustLend is a TRON-powered coin market protocol aimed at establishing fund pools whose interest rates are determined by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of TRON assets. There are two roles within the protocol, namely the supplier and borrower. Both of them can directly interact with the protocol to earn or pay the floating interest rate. Recently USDD supply & borrow market has launched on JustLend.Users can supply and borrow USDD on JustLend for profitable gains.

1.1 How To Supply Tokens

On peer-to-peer platforms where borrowers are matched with lenders, a user’s asset is directly lent to another. By contrast, JustLend protocol pools assemble all users’ supplies, which drives up liquidity and strikes a better monetary balance. The supplier can withdraw their assets anytime without having to wait for the loan to expire, allowing JustLend much higher liquidity than their peer-to-peer counterparts.

Asset supplied is denoted as jToken (a TRC-20 token). Token holders can acquire the corresponding jToken on JustLend and follow relevant rules to obtain rewards (interest).

1.2 How To Borrow Tokens

If users (borrowers) wish to borrow an asset on JustLend, they need to first acquire jTokens as collateral with their underlying asset, and then borrow any available asset on the platform. Unlike peer-to-peer protocols, JustLend only asks borrowers to specify the borrowing asset with no other requirements such as the expiry date. Borrowing is executed in real-time, and its interest rate will be automatically adjusted based on the market’s supply and demand. Here’s an example: the interest rates for borrowing TRX and TRC20-USDT maybe 2% and 5% respectively. Different assets have varying interest rates, which are automatically calculated according to the market’s supply and demand.

2. How To Supply & Borrow USDD On JustLend

2.1 How To Supply USDD

Supplying USDD on JustLend is a prerequisite for using the lending function on the JustLend platform. Meanwhile, users can also earn a certain amount of profit from the supplied assets on the platform. The specific amount of profit depends on the supplied assets and the utilization rate of the assets on the platform. Supply APY consists of supply base APY and supply mining APY. You can supply USDD according to the following steps:

  1. Find USDD in Markets, then click “Supply”.

2. Enter the number of tokens you wish to supply and click on “Supply”.

3. Please click on the “Sign” button in the TronLink Request Signature pop-up window to confirm your supply.

2.2 How To Borrow USDD

Users can use the borrow function on JustLend after supplying assets on the platform. The available borrowed amount depends on the amount of supplied asset and the collateral factor of the individual asset. The higher the collateral factor of an asset, the more of that asset can be used as collateral.

  1. Find USDD in Markets, and click on the “Borrow” button.

2.Enter the amount you wish to borrow and click on the “Borrow” button. Please pay attention to the borrowing limit and don’t exceed the amount.

3. Please click on the “Sign” button in the TronLink Request Signature pop-up window to confirm borrowing.

2.3 How To Check Mining Rewards

  1. Go to the homepage and click on “Mining Rewards”