Announcement on $JST API update

Dear JUST Foundation and $JST users,

After the recent data docking with CoinMarketCap, $JST API function update on CoinMarketCap has been completed for a more accurate and efficient data display, and the $JST data are synchronized in real-time.

Please rest assured that the data change is due to the data hysteresis other than the sudden transaction. After the data docking completion with CoinMarketCap, the phenomenon of data surge will not occur again in the future.

CoinMarketCap is the worldwide most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets as well as a valuable data resource for $JST holders. JUST Foundation will continue to have cooperation with CoinMarketCap for reducing the information asymmetry of the cryptocurrency industry.

Check the newly updated data about $JST on CoinMarketCap:

JUST Foundation

Dec 4th,2021