Annual Highlights

Feb 3 JUST Foundation announced an official partnership with JustLend, JustStable, JustSwap, JustLink

May 20 TUSD lending market on JustLend was launched

Jun 15 New mining integration available on JustSwap & JustLend

Jul 6 USDC swapping and liquidity adding available on JustSwap

Jul 10 JustDeFi official website update, separate JustSwap, JustLend, JustStable TVL data was shown on the official website

Jul 10 APENFT(NFT) lending market on JustLend was launched

Aug 3 SUN lending market on JustLend was launched

Aug 8 1st anniversary for JustSwap

Sep 20 CoinPaymentsNET supports $JST now

Oct 20 SUN.io officially acquired JustSwap

Data Breakthrough

Jul 12 TVL of JustLend exceeded $1.3 billion

Jul 16 TVL of JustSwap exceeded $1.3 billion

Sep 18 JustDeFi TVL reached $8.1 billion

Oct 9 JustLend TVL exceeded $ 2 billion

Oct 20 JustDeFi TVL reached $9 billion

Nov 9 JustLend TVL exceeded $ 2.4 billion

Nov11 JustDeFi TVL reached $10 billion




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