JUST Foundation
Dec 31, 2022


Annual Highlights

3/28 BTT lending market on JustLend DAO was launched

5/12 USDD Supply Mining on JustLend DAO was launched

7/6 JustLend DAO achieved a strategic partnership with TRON DAO Reserve

7/13 JustLend officially upgraded to JustLend DAO

7/25 JustLendDAO has passed CertiK audit

9/18 JustLend DAO Governance was migrated to the new Governor Bravo contract

10/12 JST is granted statutory status as authorized digital currency & medium of exchange in Dominica

10/19 JustLend Dao’s Website has leveled up

Data Breakthrough

2/16JustLend DAO TVL exceeded $2.0 billion

5/24JustDeFi TVL exceeded $8.2 billion

5/25JustLend DAO TVL exceeded $3.3 billion

5/27JustLend DAO TVL exceeded $4.4 billion

8/22JustLend DAO TVL exceeded $5.3 billion

8/22JustDeFi TVL exceeded $10billion