Staked TRX and Energy Rental Now Live on JustLend DAO

JUST Foundation
3 min readApr 18, 2023


On April 16, JustLend DAO Mainnet underwent a major upgrade, unveiling its new features, “Staked TRX” and “Energy Rental”. In addition to higher returns, these two new features also bring users more flexible and streamlined options with reduced energy rental costs. This upgrade promises a win-win outcome by expanding the reach of JustLend DAO and multiplying users’ profits by putting their assets into active use.

About Staked TRX

JustLend DAO has released a Stake 2.0-based new feature named “Staked TRX”, with which users can get sTRX tokens and earn high yields by staking TRX.

In traditional staking, you need to take actions such as staking, voting, and claiming before you can gain any voting rewards, with no profit from Energy Rental. In “Staked TRX”, however, the platform will automatically earn yields for you by voting with your staked TRX and renting your Energy, which offers higher yields and makes staking much easier.

Yields consist of the following two parts:

1. The platform uses the TRON Power obtained from the TRX staked on TRON to vote for Super Representatives and earn voting rewards for users;

2. The platform rents out the Energy obtained from the TRX staked on TRON to others and earns rents for users.

As voting rewards and rents accrue, the exchange rate of TRX to sTRX will rise accordingly, thus increasing your total yields.

About Energy Rental

According to the operation of the TRON network, each transaction on JustLend DAO consumes Energy, which can only be obtained through staking or burning TRX. This has, however, resulted in increased expenses and complexity.

The new feature of Energy Rental offers a more cost-effective alternative to obtaining Energy by staking or burning Energy and allows users to rent Energy or end their rental anytime they prefer.

TRON Stake 2.0 is a major upgrade of TRON, which will make resource and voting management remarkably more flexible than its predecessor, Stake 1.0. JustLend DAO, a TRON-based decentralized financial platform, now allows users to earn yields through supplied assets, borrow digital assets against collateral, participate in TRX staking, and rent Energy. The launch of Staked TRX and Energy Rental is expected to spawn a fully decentralized resource market.

The resources and votes already obtained via staking in Stake 1.0 remain to be valid, and the staked TRX can be redeemed as usual. However, please take note that users may only stake TRX in Stake 2.0 from now on.

TRONSCAN statistics as of April 18, 2023 show that the number of TRON accounts had surged to 154,130,657, with a total transfer volume of $7.3512 trillion. With such a massive user base and an ultra-high trading volume, JustLend DAO’s launch of Staked TRX and Energy Rental frees TRON users from their headaches and elevates their user experience.

This upgrade empowers JustLend DAO and takes it to a new level of efficiency. With an improved operating experience, JustLend DAO will be able to cater to the massive demand of TRON and its users in a more flexible manner, thereby contributing to the further decentralization of the TRON ecosystem.

JustLend DAO will also launch a JST buyback-and-burn program with its revenue to facilitate sustained, healthy growth of the JST ecosystem. All JST holders will benefit from the value appreciation brought by the JST burning. Please stay tuned for subsequent announcements if you are interested in learning more about the buyback and burn.