What Should You Know When Trading on JustSwap

Most of the time this issue will happen when you don’t have energy. Everyday, each account receives a 5000 complimentary bandwidth.

If it’s your first time using a TRON wallet and do not have TRX in your account, please activate your wallet by depositing any number of TRX.

2. Why does TRON cost energy (transaction fee) even though the transaction fails?

Each transaction consumes your bandwidth and Energy no matter the transaction’s success or failure . When there is insufficient Energy, bandwidth or balance in your wallet address, the contract trigger may fail. (If you don’t have energy, it will deduct TRX instead.)

Therefore you should keep enough energy and bandwidth in your account to insure the progress of transactions.

3. What is energy and bandwidth?


Energy is a type of server resource consumed when running smart contracts. The creation and triggering of smart contracts consume Energy.


4. How much energy do I need to swap on JustSwap?

Energy is deducted based on the instructions executed by the smart contract. Different instructions are deducted differently. The more complex the contract, the more energy will be consumed.

Typically, each transaction will consume about 30K-300K of energy (0–40 TRX), which is also related to the fee limit set by the contract creator. If the fee limit is too high, the transaction is likely to consume more energy.

5. How do I get energy and bandwidth?

Now get started at https://justswap.org!

NOTE: Please be sure to research carefully before making exchanges.



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